Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How Chico made her Final Model

In this past week Stef has worked alongside Chico from the Graduate Diploma Interior Design course, helping her to make her final model for the degree show. Below is a pictorial guide to how it was done.

Chico arrived with a set of drawings with the simple question, 'can we make it'
First the former was made to laminate the skin ply into shape 

Flexi ply cut, now to join all the pieces of the formers together 

Into the formers two glued sheets of Skin Ply were placed and clamped together. 
The following day the resulting Skin Ply. 
Holes were then drilled or fret sawed where required.

Starting to come together. 
Located on its base with the metal rods at either end that were to form part of the hinge mechanism that would allow all the individual doors to open.
Individual lengths of acrylic tube were cut next, which were to pivot around the metal rods. 
Each piece of tube was then glued in sequence to allow individual doors to open. 
Almost there! 
The final piece of this architectural jigsaw was to make the 'key' section which was to lock the whole design together. Consisting of part of the external wall and a storage element on the interior side. 

The Finished Model

To watch a short video of chico's model in action, follow the link below.

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