We love to inspire our students anyway we can. We are constantly producing examples of made forms to show material and process. Both large and small we have gathered our smaller Vignettes, as we like to call them, together and have now displayed them for all to see. We believe in sharing information to enhance the sense of community within the Wood Workshop. 

 Manipulation and deforming of a plastic sheet through heating.
Flexi-ply bent and connected by slotting. No glue here.
Flexi-ply used in a architectural model detail to represent a curved wall. 

Thin strips of Ply wood, MDF and softwood  bent and curved.
Vacuum formed plastic. To see our vacuum former in action follow the link below. 

Thin squares of Ply wood and Acrylic slotted together. 
An architectural detail of a wall using thin Styrene sheet creating a very strong and rigid form.
Thin card used to create a strong structure. 
Examples of utilising a materials own texture and form to enhance a architectural model detail. 

Acrylic fragments showing angled polished edges, drill holes, threaded acrylic rod and a metal bolt connected. 
High density foam, Styrofoam, which can be cut, drilled and sanded just as if it were a piece of wood.
Styrene sheet which has been heated and then free formed either with fingers or by pressing over a solid object. 

Gentle curves formed on Acrylic sheet through heating of the surface. 
Black styrene sheet formed on our line bender. Also a piece heated and then wrapped. 
Simple elegant forms created from a piece of Flexi-ply and held in place by a thin structure.

Two blocks of MDF produced to interlock or slide with each other.
 Sections of wood exploring a few simple joints.